Great! If you want to book paying acting work, there’s a lot to learn about the industry, craft, business, marketing, rates, technology and more. I’m happy to help you get started and/or offer suggestions to grow your acting business.

Topics include:

  • Are you ready for an agent(s)? If you are, how to submit to them.
  • Your home VO studio and/or self-taping space.
  • Are you ready for a VO commercial demo? What other demos do you need?
  • Suggestions for your reel(s) and clips.
  • Are your marketing materials (headshots, resume, clips/reels) competitive? What other tools do you need?
  • Writing a great cover letter.
  • What do you need to know about the Chicago market?
  • Where to find on-camera and VO auditions.
  • Tips and strategies for the business side of acting.
  • How to prepare for each audition and self-taping tips.
  • What casting site(s) should be on and making sure your profiles are competitive.
  • What are good rates and appropriate usage?
  • Goal setting strategies.
  • What you need to know about actor contracts.

I’ll learn about your interests, experience, goals and dreams. Then I’ll customize knowledge I’ve gained as a former attorney with more than 20 years of on-camera, VO, improv and corporate role playing experience who also offers 16 years of sales, training, marketing and contract negotiation experience (for which I earned top performer awards at two companies) to help save you time, effort and having to figure it all out yourself. Email [email protected] to set up a time for our first meeting over Zoom or FaceTime.

What else makes me a helpful coach and advisor?

  • Bookings, including thousands of voiceovers and hundreds of film, TV, and internet projects (, commercials, industrials, improv gigs and more. Accolades include a Best Actress nomination from the Midwest Film Festival. And I’ve worked for/with hundreds of local, national and international clients ranging from Marvel Studios to a worldwide big box store to student filmmakers.
  • An extensive legal and business background most other actors don’t have.
  • Experience coaching other actors and those wanting to be actors.

How long does coaching take?

That depends on how much you want to know and how detailed you want to get.